Auction May 23rd 2020

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Auction May 23rd 2020

Post by +Colibri »

There will be an auction on Saturday May 23rd at 20:00 shard time (that's 4pm US-eastern, 1pm US-pacific)

The items have just been placed on display. To view the items, go to the Town center -> Auction hall to the north of the world teleporter -> Through the green gate that leads to the display room.

Here's also a list of items that are queued to be sold:
Ethereal Mount De-etherializing tub
Change Weapon Specials
Ancient Yumi
Ethereal Drake Statuette
Ethereal Sphynx Statuette
Water House
Deed for a personal fairy spawner
Deed for a dolphin spawner at your house
Sorcerio's Footprints effect
Personal World Teleporter
Excelsiorian Sandals
Harvested Organs Stasis Chamber
Cannon East
Campsite Tent Banner addon
Sitting Area 5 addon
Sandcastle addon
birdhouse addon
Halloween Skull Post addon

We kept the list a bit shorter, since there's an IDOC event 1 hour after the auction starts.

The water house is 0 slot, and the ethereals are also 0 slot pets.

If you have any questions or comments about the items, please post them in this thread. (So that we're not figuring things out at the last second, when there's already bidding on the item).
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Re: Auction May 23rd 2020

Post by Animol »

Anyone recorded the results?
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Re: Auction May 23rd 2020

Post by Muolke »

Animol wrote:Anyone recorded the results?
Wil is the unofficial recording secretary for auctions but he missed most of it since he was running around looking for IDOCs.

Maybe someone else logged all the info? Or maybe +C can provide the list?
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Re: Auction May 23rd 2020

Post by Wil »

The way I produce this list is: In uo.cfg I enable client journal logging to a text file with


Then I use the Linux tool "grep" to pull out the auctioneer's statements.

If anyone else happens to log the journal, send me your file and I can pull out the results.
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