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Excelsior Patch 2013 - Final Version

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Excelsior Patch 2013 - Final Version

Postby +Nyx on Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:19 pm

At long last, I've reached the end of this long and laborious journey of creating an incredible patch for Excelsior. I can say very heartily that it is a huge weight off my shoulders that it is finally completed! Thank you to everyone who beta tested and helped work out the kinks. Everything should be working just dandily in this final version. There are still a few minor things that Colibri needs to do server-side, but those will hopefully happen quickly. Any other minor fixes that arise will be handled as they come, and if we find anything that needs updating in the files themselves, we will release a minor booster patch later in the year, though after our extensive testing, it is not expected that this will be necessary.

This is the final, "required" version of the patch. You will need this patch in order to participate in events, receive food deco, visit either of the new facets when they open, and numerous other things. While being unpatched will not prevent you from playing the game, it will drastically limit your experience from here on out.

Download Options:

Direct Download - ftp://shard.uoex.net/patch-4a.rar
- Click the URL and save the file to your desktop or preferred location. This is a reliable way to download the patch, though the speeds will generally be slower, particularly during the initial rush of downloads.

Torrent -
(12.7 KiB) Downloaded 708 times

- Download this torrent file, then load your preferred torrent program. Click "add torrent", and navigate to the file. It will add the torrent to your window and begin downloading. This is usually quicker than direct downloading, but requires a bit more computer knowledge to do so.

Installation Instructions:
1. Download the Patch-4a.rar file. Make sure you save it to a location you can easily find on your computer. Make sure you are completely finished downloading the file before you go any further.
2. Locate your Ultima Online directory. This is generally going to be in your "Program Files" directory, or for Windows 7 users, in "Program Files (x86)". If you have saved your UO directory elsewhere and are unable to find it easily, go to Start > Computer > and in the search tab at the top right, type tiledata.mul and hit enter. This will search your entire computer and allow you to view where that file is stored. This is a file used solely by UO, so wherever it is located is where you've installed your game files.
3. Unzip the patch. Right click on Patch-4a.rar and select "Extract Files...". Extract the folder to your desktop for ease of use. Please be aware that you cannot simply extract this INTO your UO folder. These files are stored in a folder themselves, so you will not have patched at all if you don't extract the files as instructed above.
NOTE: If you do not see the "Extract Files..." option, you likely do not have any program installed on your computer that can unzip these types of files. You will need to download one. Commonly used options are: 7zip, winzip, and winrar. Some will be trial versions only, but they will work just fine for your needs.
4. Close UO and all assist programs. This includes: UO/Razor, EasyUO, UO Auto Map, etc.
5. Open the folder where you have unzipped the patch files. You should see a number of files and a Music directory. Select everything, then drag and drop the whole bundle into your Ultima Online directory. When prompted, tell it to "merge folders" and "move and replace" all the files.
6. Wait for it to finish copying, then you may load UO and log in again. In order to test that your patching was successful, you may visit the patch test room in Town Center. For those of you who had patched with the beta version(s) previously, you may go to the North wall of the test room and view the NPC "Ryann". She is wearing a female kimono that previously was invisible in our client. If you can see it properly, your patching was successful.

If you have any questions, need help, or would like to make any remarks regarding the patch you may do so in this thread:

I hope you all enjoy this patch very much, I look forward to sending you all sorts of new food deco and improving the shard using patch items to update things like the deco room, veteran rewards, crafting and so on. Not to mention Elysium and Touria!

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Re: Excelsior Patch 2013 - Final Version

Postby +Nyx on Sat Aug 31, 2013 2:09 am

Installation & Memory Errors

"Out of Memory" Error

Occasionally when opening the patched client via Razor, you may receive an "Out of Memory" error. There is no known resolution to this issue, though I have spent dozens of hours researching and fiddling with it. Basically, the version of the UO client our shard runs on was not meant to accept files quite as large as we are now going to be using, so sometimes the client and razor get a little insecure and throw an error. If this happens for you, simply close all other programs running on your system, start your client with razor, and then open your programs again. I have been running the patched client for over 6 months now, and have only received this error 4-5 times, almost always after a fresh reboot. This is the only known issue with the functionality of the patch.
UPDATE: I have modified the patch to decrease some file sizes. Please download the new version. If you are still having trouble after installing the updated patch files, you may try this microsoft fixit: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947246
Some players have had success with this method, but others have not. Further suggestions are to close the system process "Lcore.exe" if you are using logitech products. This is a rather memory-heavy process that is not necessary to the functionality of your devices.

Improper installation errors:
These are usually evident when you log in after installing the patch and you can no longer see your character or other mobiles. This is a result of partially corrupt files and it can happen in the following ways:
- If you try to install the patch before the files are completely finished downloading
- If your game window is open while you're installing the patch.
- If you have any sort of system error while copying (Ie: a program crashes, your computer locks up, windows updates reboots your computer, etc etc etc.)

If this happens, just reinstall the patch making certain you have no UO windows or utility programs open at the time you begin the copy. Reboot your computer, and you should be good to go.
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