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Balanced shard. Friendly players.
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SE/ML • PvM/RP, no PK • dueling • no skill cap • 300 stat cap
one account per person, two+ houses per account
smith/tailor/taming/fletcher/carpentry BODs,
custom monsters, items and materials, animal breeding,
bioengineering, apiculture, wax crafting, farming, ...
rentable houses and castles, the list goes on and on...

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Shard time: 10:29:33     112 players online
09:47Hroo-stajesus it requires precise location
09:47Hroo-stareveal has no area? omg
09:47Hroo-staby the sound, took 15 minutes
09:48Hroo-stai hope i can do the boss
09:53Joe Dirtgood morning
10:01Joe Dirtone two fredys comming for you three four better lock your door
10:02Joe Dirtfive six get a crufix seven eight gona stay up late
10:03Joe Dirtnine ten never sleep agin
10:13Hroo-stawooh did it!
10:13Hroo-stagot nothing, but killed him without dying :D
10:16Joe Dirthey guys im going to place a 1818 and call it the pet cematery will be cool
10:17Joe Dirteach has to berry its own
10:18Nikki-Buying/Selling Multiple items check nikkis Market Thread on fourms!

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