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Post by +Colibri »

I just wanted to say my compliments to a few players, in no particular order:

Praise, for bringing a lot of positivity to this shard... the champs she announces and makes it possible for others to bracelet-in to them are just tip of the iceberg.
Also, there are so many names that I would have to write - the people here that have brought so much good spirit and positive outlooks.

Wil, for reporting a few high-level issues/bugs/exploits over the years.

Seventh Stone for bouncing ideas and reviewing the implementation possibilities and security aspect of this new system I'm working on.

Temoc for creating https://www.vendors.uoex.net and keeping it online for about over a decade now.

Zalia for sharing a big number of runes to IDOC houses.

But also all of you who have played here over the years... I'm glad there are many of you who find enjoyment in the little things, or experimenting with all the numerous things that are possible, just living in this virtual world of ours :) All this code would be essentially useless if it wasn't for all of you.
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Re: Kudos

Post by Praise »

Kudos to you for being such a great Admin! Also, +K for her Trivia that so many of us enjoy. So many interesting people from all around the globe getting to know each other. :)
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Re: Kudos

Post by Silent »

Thank you all, the staff the players, everyone in fact! Love this virtual world and all of you who make part of it! It is hard to explain my friends why I love playing a game that dates back to more than 20 years but it is all bout our little virtual community.

Props to Temoc for creating and keeping vendors uoex alive. I had no idea this was player run.

Thank you for keeping this server alive. Honestly.
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Johnny Warren
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Re: Kudos

Post by Johnny Warren »

I'd like to echo the thanks back to +C in particular, but also +K, for keeping this thing up and running. Kudos to you Colibri for your commitment and long term vision over the years....

Now, about dem hues.... :lool:
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Re: Kudos

Post by Melkor »

Thanks to all the players and staff both past and present! It’s nice having this little alternate reality to escape into.
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Re: Kudos

Post by Tribecca »

Nice place to chillax.
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