Wiki System Changes

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Wiki System Changes

Post by +Nyx »

We've been meaning to take the wiki back under staff control for some time, but the recent trashing of it by a nutso player has brought that to fruition quite suddenly. We are still working out restructuring the groups and such, but once all that is ironed out, we'll be taking a few players to allow to edit the wiki while under staff supervision. This way the wiki will go back to being absolutely accurate and trustworthy.

I will post another thread when it's time to consider players for the editor group. Until then, please be advised that info on the wiki is still likely wonky or incorrect. It would also help if everyone would simply answer newbies' questions rather than refer them to the wiki until this is all resolved.
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Re: Wiki System Changes

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Btw, I would like to keep it as open as possible, because having just a few members being able to edit, over time they may becomes less active (or inactive) and it all closes down. But still editing will require some criteria (either account age, or possibly a voting system, etc).

At the recent vandalism I just restricted it to how it used to be, only the approved members of the Wiki Scribes forum group, this is a temporary solution until a better system can be figured out.
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Re: Wiki System Changes

Post by Relysis »


Sad that it only takes 20 minutes to cripple a great and (mostly) accurate collaborative effort. Nice reaction time by the staff and tigger.