More Info on wiki request

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More Info on wiki request

Post by Natilla »

Here are some questions that I either had myself upon starting this shard, or I see asked a lot in chat. It would be nice if the wiki could be updated to include some answers to these questions. I would be happy to help if you like.

*DONE*1. House Commands : "How do I lock stuff down?" "How do I turn stuff around?" *DONE*
2. Training Skills: Most are self-explanatory, but I see these same questions in chat a lot :"Where do I train Bushido/Ninjitsu/Stealth/Necro/Mining?" Also I see alot :"Where can I buy a pickaxe/shovel/lockpick?" And "Where can I buy a Chiv/Necro/Bushido book?"
3. Hobbies: "Where can I get seeds?" or "Where can I get beehives?" (btw, the beehive section of the wiki is good, but I still have the question, "Why would I want a beehive?? What does it do for me?")
*DONE*4. Housing: "Where can I buy a house?" "How do I rent an apartment?" *DONE*
5. New Items: "What does a pet leash do? What does a hitching post do?"
6. I read somewhere or someone mentioned in chat that training hiding and stealth is a great way to get back to your corpse. It might be nice to mention that somewhere in the new player section.
7. "Where do I get a noble/mule?" (might want to add to Custom Excelsior Monsters)
8. Unique Resources: "What does each type of leather add when crafting with it?" "What does each type of ore add when crafting?"
9. "What are essences and why would I want one? What mobs drop them?"
10. The part about ointments is confusing to me. What does it mean that you can use an ointment on your pet to heal it? Why would one waste an ointment for that? O_O
11. The "Starting Point" section of the New Player Info has some old info. It would also be nice to add how long one can stay young.
12. You might also want to mention that the vendor/reg/ed stones are in Trinsic.
13. The Powescroll bag in mentioned in the wiki, but no info about where to find one.

I think that's about all I have collected for now. Hope it's not too much. :worried:
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Re: More Info on wiki request

Post by +Osiris »

Ok added Housing 101

Please add information if I have missed anything.
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Re: More Info on wiki request

Post by +Aphrodite »

Alright, looks like this is all in the wiki now! :dance
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