Categorizing the Wiki

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Categorizing the Wiki

Post by Quinton »

I've added categories to the wiki, almost every page is in a category, save for the page related to Razor- which is broken/emptied, seemed to happen after the wiki was opened up for all to edit? And the ones in Russian.

There is a main content category - which just holds all other categories. This content category can be linked on the main page and the user can view all categories, and browse the wiki that way.
As of right now the current categories created:
Crafting, Customs, Guides, Housing, Miscellaneous, Pets, Powerscrolls, Quests, Skills, Stats, Technical, Weapons, Young Players.

From doing this, there are quite a few pages that attempted to index pages the same way categories would, not particularly useful anyway since they were never linked from the main page, or even finished. Second, there are many redundant pages for the same topics, and the information doesn't differ a whole lot to even have a need for more than one. Some are more full fledged than others, I'm attempting to combine such pages into one page.

For anyone currently wanting to browse the wiki by category -
Hope this helps, I found a few lost pages that way.