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Item finder [MyStuff

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Search your belongings with [MyStuff finder

If you misplace an item and can't find it, type [mystuff and it will open a search menu. It searches through all of your characters, houses, stabled pets, and vendors.
We frequently get help tickets about lost items, and while a good portion of those tickets resolve themselves (the person finds the item a few hours or a day later), this is very time consuming because it requires loading of backups, and figuring where it was 1 week ago, and all the while in about 50% of the cases it turns out the item is right there... in the backpack under something, or accidentially placed into a bag and then the bag nicely stored in the house.

This tool can use some more improvements, like more detailed info about an item, or to open a quest arrow pointing in the direction of the item. But for now, this is still much better than having to go through all of your items manually.

There is still the problem of losing items on death, or accidentially placing them on the floor, for which we do have a handy tool to find them faster, but the tool is only available to staff. I am considering making a version of that tool available at some point, so that anyone could look at their past in-game actions, and for example all gold withdrawals from the bank.
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