Official note about unofficial discord servers

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Official note about unofficial discord servers

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Over the years there have been a few unofficial discord servers (and teamspeak/ventrillo before that), there's one server that has recently grown to have quite a lot of players in it, so it would be good to clear a few things up.

Long story short: it's allowed to host/organize an unofficial server, and for now it's also allowed to advertise it on the shard. We don't have an official discord server for Excelsior, but when we do, this rule will change. Although it's allowed to advertise it in public chat and on the forums, it's not possible to put up a towncrier announcement for it.

A similar question came up many years ago, about un-official forums and other community sites for excelsior. We already have a forum, and although it's ok to have a private forum for your guild or group of friends, it's not allowed to advertise it in public. Having several unofficial forums would take away the focus from the official one, and admins of those forums would probably enforce different rules, or same rules differently, which can cause various problems.

An official discord server is on the roadmap, for that to happen there will have to be an automated identity verification process, and all voice channels to be recorded 24/7. Back in the day of Ventrillo, we had a server, but with common issues such as someone being accused of breaking the language rules, without any evidence to back it up. So it's impossible to determine if that person really was saying all those things, or was it someone else just trying to get a black mark on their record, so at the time I've shut down the official voice server.

So for now, if you want to host a Discord/teamspeak/ventrillo server, it's ok to advertise it (within the advertising no-spam rules). And I hope i'll be able to set up the official one soon.
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