Halloween dungeon 2020

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Halloween dungeon 2020

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The dungeon was opened on September 29th and will be available until November 2nd at noon shard time (the Monday after Halloween). At that time, boss keys and vendor tokens will also decay.
(It's possible that the dungeons will remain open for a few hours after that, until they are manually turned off. But even if you are able to enter and get and boss keys or tokens after that, they will decay within a second).

The dungeon is open without any alterations, it's all the same as after the last overhaul in October 2018. Here's the original post: http://www.uoex.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=12401

Disclaimer: the dungeon is available "as is", without the guarantees and support that should be the standard. There's a few known issues, and I am currently unable to fix these, so it will remain with reduced capacity.
Known issues:
- A portion of the items in the display room cannot be obtained anywhere.
- Jack o lanterns cannot be carved, since the seeds to grow pumpkins were supposed to be available in the September harvest quests. I could add them to a vendorstone, but ... I will soon make another post about why I have decided to keep this as is, without intervention.
- The boss dungeon instancing system seems to pull idle players into it - this is a technical issue that acumulates further problem, and I will fix that. More info about why this is a priority in that other post (that I'll post soon).
- And well, overall - the dungeon is aimed at veteran players with good gear. It would be great to have various quests and dungeons for different levels. If the dungeon is too much for you, you can still go trick-or-treating (intended for players of all levels).
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