Roadmap - part 0

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Re: Roadmap - part 0

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+Colibri wrote:
Tue Jul 26, 2022 6:42 pm
Sorry for the delay, the "any day now" has been downgraded to "any week now". I was planning to post the roadmap earlier in the month, but a few things got in the way and now I'm on vacation. I think I got my affairs in order and I'll be able to spend more time in our virtual world when we come back on August 7th (but the week following will be full of errands). An important disclaimer however, I have a feeling that as I'm around more, many of you are thinking that I'll be able to take care of the issues and ideas of your particular interest with a higher priority. The first project will be something to manage all the needs, ideas and wishes, and bug reports... and prioritize them.
Thank you for the communication and taking time during your vacation to type it, I look forward to reading it.
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Re: Roadmap - part 0

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