veteran gamers? 30+?

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Re: veteran gamers? 30+?

Post by Wil »

Just reached the big five-oh last month. Video arcades got me into gaming, but home computer wise, it was really these:

ultimagames.jpg (515.64 KiB) Viewed 24465 times

Wanting to build an Ultima-like game is part of how I first got into computer programming back in the 80s.
teleultima-disk-label-small.gif (24.48 KiB) Viewed 24465 times
And I got a decent part of the way to building it too.

Lately I've been playing Subnautica. Don't let the game's premise put you off. If you like exploring an open world, non-linear plots and building bases, Subnautica is one of the best games out there. According to Steam I've spent nearly 800 hours playing it.
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Re: veteran gamers? 30+?

Post by Johnny Warren »

Epic collection there mate, very nice. I'm about to hit 40 myself, I dunno if that makes me a veteran, John Warren is older than both my sons by nearly 3 years though.

For me, it was the mid 90's JRPGs on console, particularly the SNES, that were my gaming foundation. Think final fantasy, chrono trigger, secret of mana, zelda etc. I'll take a photo or 2 of my cartridges soon and edit this post.

I still play my SNES irregularly these days. Recently been playing a bunch of romhacks for The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past called rabdomizers. As the name suggests you can randomize a bunch of things, from item locations to boss locations and way, way more. It's a fun way to play a game that you're naturally super familiar with. It has a pretty decent speed running community too.
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Re: veteran gamers? 30+?

Post by Peach »

Hey all!, im 39. My earliest memory of video games was on the first console i got bought for christmas from my mom in '89/'90ish. it was a ZX Spectrum 128k +2. I only had Robocop, but i played it all the time. The game which made me fall in love with computer games was Final Fantasy 7 on the PS1, got it on release in 1997, still my favourite game to this day. The game that got me into MMO's was Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast in 2000. From then i went to UO OSI, Guildwars, then split my time between Guildwars and UO Freeshards ever since.
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Re: veteran gamers? 30+?

Post by Sir Blood »

46 here.

I got started with UO in college, I caught it right at the end of the BETA (Summer 1997) just as it opened up to the general public. I primarily played on Lake Superior. My main characters were
- the Hand of God
- Beastmaster

One of my sisters had bought an Atari so I got a lot of game time in playing that. I eventually saved up my own money to buy a NES and a Sega Genesis. My parents never bought me any gaming systems and only ever bought me 2 video games ever... When the Super Nintendo came out, if you cold believe it I bought it using quarters! Got it at K-Mart and they tried to refuse accepting all the quarters. My dad forced me to put them into rolls 1st.

My Dad was one of the early Mainframe computer programmers. He got his start on punch card computers. He was the person to invent the Do-While and the For-Next loops. A couple of engineers from IBM visited to find out how a company was getting their computer to do things that was not possible at the time! (they only used 7 commands to work) A couple months later IBM announced to the world the new coding options. He bought an Apple computer when they became available just to practice coding on in his spare time.

One of the games I keep finding myself going back to is Starcraft. Not so much into it for the regular games but for the custom mini-game Use Map Settings maps. If you ever played Starcraft and didn't explore the UMS - Use Map Settings maps you missed out on 90% of the game's content!

Once in a while I think back to the golden time of UO

Back in the days where you could give a beggar gold and jump from Dread Lord to Overlord. The whole land was treacherous as thieves were everywhere and you could commonly see treasure chests sitting on the ground... Dare not touch them as they were trapped by GM Tinkers and poisoned with the highest possible poison. Most people would insta-die if they tried to open one... There was but 1 world, it wasn't called anything, but now we would refer to it as Felucia.

I remember giving a town guard poisoned food and kept it up for a while until they died... Turns out they used to have some epic loot!

Those were the days that you could actually use lockpicking to open player houses. There were no such things as secure chests in a house. IF you stored stuff in your house it could in fact be stolen if you didn't lock down a wardrobe just inside the door. IF you wanted safe extra storage, leave items in the pack of your pack mule and store it at the stables... Back in the day of no limit bank boxes...

Eventually I had more fun exploring and exposing bugs and submitting them for patching. Found a way to get underneath a house using a cleverly placed marked rune and walk under the house and found a way to pop back up inside it... Found a way to get under the landscape and PK a player in such a way they couldn't see anything or react...

I had a guildhall that I managed to place inside a mountain. The whole thing was invisible as was the door. I used to occasionally find GM's hanging out inside it. I used to have a lot of fun chatting with the GMs. Turns out many were paid horribly for the job which is why so many GMs were angry at the world (you would know what I mean if you ever had dealings with them)

Animal Taming wasn't utilized as well as it could have been... There really was no such thing as a limit to the number of animals you could tame and control, although I did find that once you exceeded 30 they went wild a lot faster than normal.

It took me quite some time but I eventually tamed 2 Ancient Wyrms as Beastmaster. Tame 30 dragons, sick them on one ancient dragon and if you were lucky you would be able to tame it... if not... rinse - repeat. Continue until you had 30 ancient dragons. (store them in the stable as there was no limit...) Once you had 30 ancient dragons go for an Ancient Worm. If you were very fortunate you could beat it down to submission and given an hour of attempts tame it...

They used to have events that would go on from time to time like town invasions and occasionally buried treasure could be found. I got lucky one time with a buried treasure... Indestructible Heavy Crossbow of Apocalypse. Turned out to be so overpowered that the GM's eventually took it from me T.T

I would wander through the most heavily PK'd dungeons with those 2 Ancient Wyrms and that Crossbow. The Ancient Wyrms could easily lay to waste a team of PKs and the crossbow would 1-shot most players...

One of my favorite things to do was wander around and find PK guild locations. I had a bunch of runes... I would wait until there were a bunch of PKs hanging out there and then I would rush to the bottom layers of a few dungeons. (You could recall there if you were gutsy enough... or just summon a gate! If you laid line of flour bags it would wall off enemies and you could use it to funnel large quantities of enemies through a narrow path. Wander around and get a train of the worst of the worst from the bottom levels of the dungeons and drop a gate for them all to go through... right into the middle of the PK gathering...

Go back to on my alt and Run through the remains of the gathering and collect the heads and turn them in for several million gold each! If I had the time I would loot a few bodies for weapons. I wasn't totally cold hearted towards the PKs I carried runes to red healers that would resurrect the Dread Lord players. If I was in a they were being extremely rude I would send them off to a deserted island via Gate Scroll (that had a red healer I had moved there) and just let them hang out for a while...
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Re: veteran gamers? 30+?

Post by Geriatric »

i dont ever recall there ever being a thing called ancient dragons
and there were certainly never any weapons of apocalypse, maybe your misremembering and it was vanquishing
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