Solo Shard coding

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Solo Shard coding

Post by Lucrecia »

Hi, I love Ex but I am trying to set up a household/offline version of UO and love a lot of the custom things in Ex.

I just started this venture and don’t even have npc’s, monsters or any other entities except what I manually add to the game currently. Working on that. But I am really interested in the coding aspect of custom items, shirts with abilities, aprons, robes ect. Also the newbie area you have. That is incredible. And the training area. With the npcs that don’t move/die for training tames early stages. This is explicitly for my household offline. (Ran off a switch and 3 computers) I am teaching my kids and hoping they will learn the joy of the game as well as easing into coding.

Any help in this area, to help me find where to input the code for such things and l would be very thankful.

For anyone that wants to play online with a great community, I always send them to you guys.

Thank you!
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Re: Solo Shard coding

Post by Tzimisce »

Really old in this, last time I was coding for a shard was 20 years ago, in PoL, but there, the things were like this...
Items with properties didn't have to do with coding, they were into configuration files.
It was like "this item has this name, this graphic and these properties".
Then, you had to add the drop chances on monsters.

On the other hand, monsters which do not attack or move, was a matter of the artificial intelligence scripts.
Actually, you had to tell them to move or attack, so, I guess an empty AI would do (never tried it).
I guess, this was the same with RunUO, but never played with it, since I hate C# style languages (though I have to work with them, but in these cases I get payed :lol: )
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Re: Solo Shard coding

Post by +Colibri »

Awesome that you're trying to code and teach your kids. We're based on RunUO 1.0, a version from probably late 2005. I remember the early weeks and days, we were just throwing in all sorts of scripts from the RunUO forums. That's the thing, what you see here is a result of 15 years and many people adding, some adding just a few stones, some adding a lot, to make this huge mosaic. Mosaic would be a way to describe it in a positive way, it's actually more like a Frankenstein's monster :)

I don't know how it would be to start a shard these days, but I see new shards popping up all the time.

One thing I could recommend, is the ServUO server - it's based on RunUO, with some improvements, but has an active community. RunUo, even though the domain and forums are back online, is unfortunately quite dead, but that can all change with time.

To spawn the world - not sure if this is still present in your version, but type [admin, then go to Administer-> World Building -> and there you initialize all teleporters, spawners, ... also look into "Premium spawner" or "Xml Spawner". They are scripts that will spawn monsters on an interval, but the main part here is that they come with configuration files, which can be used to place spawns in all the world, so all your lands will instantly become full of life.

Other than that, just tinker with it, and you'll get some stuff working. Start small, work your way to more complicated stuff.
My way of learning was to take something that already exists, then trying to modify it a bit, then eventually code something from scratch. Stay in the flow (tackle the issues that are just at the right difficulty), with time you'll figure out a lot of stuff.

You can ask here, and maybe you'll get a reply (I might even reply, but there's so many other things to do). Overall, I'd recommend joining ServUO, probably best place to get info on all sorts of issues.
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