Just wondering what relayers people actually use.

Name says it all

What relayers do you have?

Spirit Of The Totem Relayered
No votes
Bone Crusher Relayered
Bone Crusher and Spirit Of The Totem Relayered
Relayers But Not Spirit Of The Totem Or Bone Crusher
Titan Hammer Relayered
Titan Hammer And Spirit Of The Totem Relayered
No Relayers
Total votes: 37

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Re: Just wondering what relayers people actually use.

Post by wesmith »

Muolke wrote:
Sat Jun 18, 2022 7:48 am
So once again...the answers are all pretty clear. Some just choose to muddy the water because they think they have a better way.
For me, maybe not for you idk, 800 or 700 hp can do a big difference if you are hit, for example, by a mortal strike (minotaurs, rends, etc...). From my perspective the max hp vs the max damage are 2 separate builds that force the player to make a choice. I can add more elements that can put into discussion an hypothetical "best build", like slayers, like non mounted fights and situations when you lack a decent single target atk to kill high hp mobs, like reducing phy resistance to improve RPD, If you look closely there is always something that interfere with the static idea of "best build".

To "solve the problem" of situational fights i like to key bind different types of sets, i remove the SoT if RPD is the way to go, i switch my regular weapon with a slayer and so on. Most of the times i do this for fun. Sometimes I need to switch the equipment to economize time, for example while i run the gauntlet where 5 of 6 bosses are affected by slayer weapons or while i fight an high level fungal marsh from giant/gynormous stash notes, very hard to hit, but easy to kill with RPD.

Just to clarify what i mean: try to compare this shard with wow PVE: in wow each char need to focus on one single role, a fixed build made with the best in slot paradigm make sense, if you are a DPS you don't need to waste skill points or gear stats on heals, because an healer will do the job for you. Here the player must face a lot of different situations alone, covering all the roles at the same time (dps/healer/tank). In the end for me the UOEX gameplay is heavily situational.




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Re: Just wondering what relayers people actually use.

Post by Muolke »

Minotaurs and Rends only do like 200-300 damage with their specials. If you have a high enough DPS you can kill them before they even get to you…that’s the point.

Slayers do help in some situations but a weapon with all 4 “hit spells” at 60% with max SDI will do more damage than a slayer that has 3 “hit” spells at 60% and less SDI.

You also cannot compare this shard with an other game or even just another shard when it comes to the role a character has. Why? Because here your character can be everything. You don’t need a healer with 220 dex and you don’t use a mage because an arrow will do much more damage than any spell possibly can.

To be the most effective you have to kill your target as fast as possible on this shard. Once you’re at 600+ hp it doesn’t matter if you have 650-700-800-900. Makes absolutely no difference. What makes a difference is how fast you can kill something to increase your GPH.
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