Housing upgrades

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Re: Housing upgrades

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The housing upgrades are coming to a close.

I'm really happy that this upgrade finally saw the light of day. Actually, it's been an idea since about early 2016, and perhaps it was a good thing it waited so long, so that the ideas could mature. For us staff, who have been placing houses manually for 13 years, this is an incredible weight lifted from our shoulders. It's simple to move a house, or merge two, but when someone sends a ticket with instructions about where exactly each of the 10 houses should go, but things don't fit when you start moving it :scared: .... well, this is much better :)

Here's a quick summary of what upgrades were added over the last few weeks:
- Houses now show their decay status, we had an IDOC event in early August and another one is planned for end of September.
- New facet for housing has been opened on August 17th (and in the days following). More info here: http://www.uoex.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=12761
- There were lots of fixes and improvements to the house positioning system, for more read this changelog post: http://www.uoex.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=73879#p73879 (From July 24th till September 5th).
- Co-owners can now also manage secures (if the owner has enabled the option in the house menu, in the Security tab). This means that co-owners can secure containers up to the co-owner level, and can also release secures that are up to the co-owner level. Secures that are set as Owner level cannot be released by co-owners, nor can co-owners edit the secure level of such a container.

The bonus house slot deeds at the reduced price were planned to be available until the end of August, we're leaving them in until the end of this weekend. That means you still have until sunday evening to get cheaper house slots! Officially, the vendor will be removed on Monday, September 9th, at noon shard time.

Secret locations in Maral will become available at random times until the end of September. More info here: http://www.uoex.net/forum/viewtopic.php ... 881#p73881

There are still a few minor misc bugs, or damage that needs to be repaired from bugs that are already fixed. If you have a ticket in the help system, please be patient. I'd really like to get all those issues out of the way asap so I can have a clear head for next projects.

Some stats
Before the housing upgrades (in June) there were about 1400 houses in Malas and Magda (each!).
One week after Maral opened, there were 386 houses there (of which, 55 were castles). Many houses were moved from other facets, which feed up some space there as well (about 100 from Malas, 100 from Magda, but I don't have the numbers for Trammel & Tokuno).
Right now (September 5th) there's 448 houses there, so we could say it's about 1/3 full.

Ideas for the future
Well, initially this upgrade was planned to be much bigger but to make things realistic, a good portion of ideas didn't make it in. So when the time comes, there's another batch of housing upgrades that we'll make available. Here's a quick peek at the list:
- Main this is to be able to buy or rent chunks of land, where you then have exclusive right to place houses. There would be a number of pre-set chunks of land that you can choose from, from one of the islands on Malas' crumbling continent, to just plain land in green acres, to parts of Trammel... The sizes would be intended for a cluster of 10+ houses.
- Other players would also be able to place a house there, but with your permission. The land could also be owned by a guild, so whoever is currently the guildmaster would have the ability to give permission for others to place houses.
- Ability to extract house design and place it onto a deed, so that you can sell a pre-designed house to another player.
- Co-operative placement, meaning that you can add other players to your current house positioning menu, so that others can see where you intend to place a house.
- Since it needs to be possible for a landlord to remove a house, houses would need to be "shrinkable" so that it is placed in your bank box, but for the owner of that house to still be able to access its contents without having to actually find a spot for the house.
- possibly limiting the number of houses a player can have in regular non-instanced maps (so that very large houses could only be placed in instanced lands)
- ... and perhaps by the time this goes into coding, there will be other ideas.
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