Doom Gauntlet - questions

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Re: Doom Gauntlet - questions

Post by +Colibri »

Yeah, there's an age old question about where Luck is used and how. Some players made experiments, I remember at times briefly looking into the code and explaining to a few players but since I can't find it on the forum it might have been in a chat. For the detailed version, it's something that would come on the agenda when we make a rewamp of the wiki and also make consistent updates, for now i've taken some time to dig through the code and post the important parts. (some of this is new to me).

We are running on RunUO 1.0, I remember we did some changes way back in the first few months of the shard (there's even a date here - June 2006),

Doom bosses:
- demon knight has a double chance to drop an artifact, compared to the other 5 bosses there.
- when calculating damage, luck is taken from the player who made most damage to the boss.
- after checking the drop chance, if an artifact is to be awarded, it is given to a random player who has looting rights (it's a complex formula to determine if you have rights, but for these bosses you have to do at least 6% of the damage).
- the actual drop chance is a complicated formula, but in essence:
- excelsior has a 4x as much artifact drop chance compared to standard RunUO. Found this original runuo source file: ... Knight.cs/ - at line 143, the original RNG range is from 0 to 100k, here it's 0 to 25k.
- the integrated luck formula caps off at 1200 luck (although the numbers are nicely logarithmic, it's not written as a formula, but the results of every calculation between 0 and 1200 luck are written in a table of numbers. If you have more luck than that, the chance of a 1200 luck suit is considered). I see that this is the problem behind all the reports why high luck doesn't have any beneficial effect.

Yeah, the Doom source code that we are running, is pre-SE (samurai empire), and capped at 1200.
This is from RunUO 2.0, where this cap is applied only if the server runs is pre-SE mode: ... ootPack.cs

I've heard about the results where if you go in with more luck, you actually get less loot. I don't see how that's possible if you go solo, even with the cap of 1200, but now that i consider these rules, if you go in pair, it makes sense: two players, one with high-luck gear and low damage, the other with low luck and high damage - the high damage players makes most of the damage, and their luck is considered for the drop chance.

Well, the simple solution would be to remove the static luck score table, and replace it with the Math.Pow( luck, 1 / 1.8 ) * 100 but I don't know what an effect that will have on the overall drop rates & economy. Doom is on the todo list, along with ML bosses, to be instanced (so you need 1 skull to get in, not 1 to get past the lake and then 1 to enter the boss area), at the time i was also going to review the luck chances, either to make it more up-to-date with latest mechanics, or make it so that going in groups gives higher drop chances. So this will be adjusted at the time.

Luck overall
Luck is used in the following systems:
- doom bosses
- slot machines (not sure if our machines are actually configured to use luck)
- doom secret chests & the pouches inside
- paragon artifact drops
- treasures of tokuno
- bioengineering - dna extraction
- treasure maps

Though, each system uses different formulas. There are different ways of using luck that a player is wearing, so I hope I found all of the systems that use it. There might also be in-game systems that aren't hardcoded, and cannot be reliably searched.

I hope that this now clears up a lot of the various information that is going around about how things work. It can be improved, for now at least now we have clear data.
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Re: Doom Gauntlet - questions

Post by Wil »

Hi +C,

Doesn't luck also affect normal drops from normal mobs?

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Re: Doom Gauntlet - questions

Post by Muolke »

Thank you for the explanation +C that's what I was looking for. It's good to know that Luck does have an effect on Gauntlet drops.
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Re: Doom Gauntlet - questions

Post by MarkM »

2022 info if your reading this..

I raised my luck to just above 1200 and honestly it appears worse then when I had 400 for Gauntlet! I'm currently 23 skulls in and going up with zero drops going solo which I've never experienced such a low drop being solo. Yesterday I got 2 drops in 6 hours going solo of the gauntlet which is lower than I ever experienced before also. That being said my advice is dont get luck for the gauntlet aspect of it.

Before within 8 hours id have a bag full of drops and after raising luck I have 2 from 6 hrs yesterday and none today after 23 skulls today.. SOMETHING to think about :)
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