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Balanced shard. Friendly players.
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SE/ML • PvM/RP, no PK • dueling • no skill cap • 300 stat cap
one account per person, two+ houses per account
smith/tailor/taming/fletcher/carpentry BODs,
custom monsters, items and materials, animal breeding,
bioengineering, apiculture, wax crafting, farming, ...
rentable houses and castles, the list goes on and on...

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Shard time: 21:34:31     147 players online
22:31Maul Binderand then can only do til 4 or 6 months wiki covers i never had acces
22:31Sandorwhat is the price on GoC?
22:31Ju'juwehre is that one?
22:32Maul Bindernewbie champ spawns in 4 areas 3 besides newbie area
22:32Leucretiacurrently 4m
22:32Ju'juare any of them soloable?
22:32Maul Binderwiki says and think directions forget champ marble and crossroads
22:32Maul Bindernewbie champ can be with pets most times
22:32Maul Binderbut master of arts ior newbie champ only gives crafting ps
22:33Ju'junot everyone uses pets, do they?
22:33Maul Bindereasiest champ is barraccon north f despise in fel
22:33Willy Foggregular master of arts gives crafting too
22:33Sandorthanks leucretia
22:33Maul Binderaye as said master of arts is newbie champ sapwn
22:33Maul Binderbarraccon gives normal ps not crafting

The Portal allows you to participate in the public chat and trade commodities, from any web browser, even at work :)
This is a custom feature of our shard.

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