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SE/ML • PvM/RP, no PK • dueling • no skill cap • 300 stat cap
one account per person, two+ houses per account
smith/tailor/taming/fletcher/carpentry BODs,
custom monsters, items and materials, animal breeding,
bioengineering, apiculture, wax crafting, farming, ...
rentable houses and castles, the list goes on and on...

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Sturdy Hatchets (10 hours ago)
Angel: WTB sturdy hatchets or grade A boards. pm me...
WTB T-Maps lvl 4 and up :) (14 hours ago)
Trithebest: I'd still like to buy some if anyone has...
WTS Ethy Skeletal Steed (1 day ago)
kwakkie: Offer Pm Kwakkie in game
Entora's Sell List (1 day ago)
Entora: Updated and bump.
Trading Central: Fall Quest 2016 (2 days ago)
Adrycks: Grats..on your/phoebe achievement ))
WTB EDs (2 days ago)
fixxer1963: UPDATED UPDATE bought them, thanks...
Behind the Char (2 days ago)
Octavius Thorn: road trippin this past...
House for Sale (3 days ago)
Pheobe: This beautifully custom designed house is...
2nd Annual UOEX Fantasy Football League (3 days ago)
Dain Firehelm: Nice recap Alex And yes, the...
Active Gamers (3 days ago)
Octavius Thorn: I have to chime in on this one...
Cannot make an account. (3 days ago)
+Nyx: Don't necro bump threads.
UO Steam (3 days ago)
dreamstalker: Had to look it up since im not on...

Shard time: 13:24:46     134 players online
12:31EbonyWay cool, Portrait of +Nyx with Lady Grim :)
12:31Yodawait what?
12:31Yodathats not open is it?
12:32Yodaphew I was having fun with this guitar
12:32EbonyBut I can circle of trans the display room
12:32Yodasneaky... sneaky....
12:32Ebony"Here lies +Nyx" gravestone
12:34EbonyDevil costume in a whole bunch of parts
12:35EbonyOh nice, a model wearing the costume. And a fairy one :)
12:36EbonyI hope it's sampleable :)
12:37FreeFlyinO.o I forgot about that, halloween is coming, mebbe new costumes this year cause new graphics
12:44FreeFlyinif you are dying a lot from minor mobs might want to invest in a decent meat shield
13:15HollyHobbieDoom Champ is up
13:20DreamstalkerWts several imp dogs.Takin offers on bow in see dogs/bow im standin on my house gate tile.

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