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Val stuff for sale

Buying, selling, searching for, looking for help with...

Val stuff for sale

Postby Versales on Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:33 am

Looking to sell

+50 stat scroll -2x (425ed each)
+40 stat scroll -1x (150ed)
+35 stat scroll -1x
+30 stat scroll -1x

Auction Item - Pet appearance change deed (change the look of one pet to another for example, turn an imp ferret into an imp dog type deal)

lvl 100 yumi - 300ED
5x50 (fireball, light, mana,life, stam)
30% SSI
50% DI
12 DCI
4 str

All items Are available on my vendor in TC : Val's One Stop Shop
If you wish to negotiate send me a pm in game!
Valorian in game!
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