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This page is reserved for any updates on quests and/or guides for the facet Touria.

Formed from the conquered worlds Bael'Nefario ravaged for his power, the world of Touria is all that remains of many great civilizations that stood up to the evil Excelsior now knows. Weapons and beasts from these civilizations have been forged and manipulated for use by the Umbris and their leadership. However, many of the people of these civilizations have survived and continue fighting for the preservation of their culture and knowledge. They battle the Umbris each day, independently and in fear of the remnants of the other civilizations. The inhabitants of Touria are in need of skillful and brave heros to not only combat the Umbris, but also unify them as one.

This facet will include the following:

  • 100+ quests with one continuous storyline quest
  • New mobs (models) and decoration
  • New armor set(s)
  • Weapons with new abilities
  • Amalgamation (The forging of weapons and armor through the collection of artifacts and materials, with bonuses specific to the quality and/or rarity of the items used for the weapon's/armor's forging)
  • New mobs with variety of attacks (some capable of casting debuffing spells)
  • New mounts and tamables
  • Moving mob patrols to add random danger and encounters to hunting
  • Special patrols of monsters that spawn when triggered by events happening across the facet
  • Headhunting mobs that pursue players over long distances
  • Quests that focus on specific themes (Examples: Transportation, Escorting, Scouting, Stealing, Assassination, Bodyguard, Communication with the dead, Dream Interpretation, Artifact Recovery, Lore Discovery)

This facet will be created to provide content for the players who desire challenge, use of tactics, and cooperative play. It will be created with the focus on challenging high-end geared players, and will likely include a minimum account age. Some of the challenging aspects of this facet are:

  • Limited access to ankhs and corpse stones, and each having their price for use

[However, corpse decay time will be dramatically increased (Would like it to be 2 hours if the corpse holds an item) (New: 12-16-13)] [Will disable monsters searching through player corpses (New: 12-16-13)]

  • Loss from death, which will likely take form of a percentage of gold on player upon death (Still being determined) (New: 12-16-13)
  • No bracelets of binding, gate travel, or any other means of bypassing the only way into and out of the facet
  • Loss of stamina when running through mobs
  • Eating food will be a necessity. Would like to see a drop of natural stamina and healing rates if not at a minimum of neutral hunger. (New: 12-16-13)
  • Few truly "safe" zones to leave a character afk (No area in this facet will be under guard protection, but there will be friendly guard NPCs patrolling. Please note, these guards can die if overwhelmed by enemy forces)
  • Logout needs to be done through camping or in an inn. Logout in the wild will leave your character standing in the wild for a period of time before truly logging off.
  • Monster resistances will play a greater roll in fighting effectively
  • Limited bank access
  • Unable to ride a mount in dungeons and some quest buildings (New: 12-16-13)

These facet attributes are subject to change, and other features may be added during the creation of the facet.

Projected Launch: To be announced

[Slow start so far, but much of the questline is determined which, in my opinion, is the hard part. More updates to follow. +V 12-16-13]

Chapter 1: (2/19/14)

  -Forging of an Alliance
  -The Tragedy of Serenity Cove
  -Retribution and Recovery