Looking for certain taming BODs

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Looking for certain taming BODs

Post by Deadwerd »

I'm hunting for a couple of taming BODs, get ahold of me in game if you have one of these for sale/trade:

Large x20 Bear BOD
Small x20 Chicken BOD
Small x20 Bull BOD

I am also always buying x20 small BODs that don't fit into any large BODs... Here are the one's I'm always looking for:

Small x20 Boar BOD
Small x20 Rabbit BOD
Small x20 Great Hart BOD
Small x20 Hind BOD
Small x20 Giant Toad BOD
Small x20 Bull Frog BOD
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Re: Looking for certain taming BODs

Post by Zalia »

I should be able to help with the Bulls and Bears. I'm always after Dog/Wolf/Hell Hound BODs. :)
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