Provocation Training Trinsic Spot

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Provocation Training Trinsic Spot

Post by Melkor »

I recently trained provocation. It was a slog. I searched the forums and they spoke of a spot in Trinsic to finish off provocation to 120, there was no picture though. I tried several spots but the mobs kept finding a bridge to cross to get at each other. I ended up finding this spot that worked great.

Another thing I found really easy is to tame a lesser hiryu (and later a hiryu), release it on the boat and then provocate the monster on the shore to the released pet on your boat.

Another tip on the forms was two boats and two released pets. That only got me to around 80. Then I went 1 boat with released pet and monster on shore, then finally the boat at the trinsic spot with monsters on different shores.

Hope this is helpful and within the rules. I think it's even AFK allowed but when I was in fel trinsic I was at the computer just to be on the safe side.

Oh and keep a bow out of your hands so you don't kill the monster on the shore.

EDIT: I should have posted this in Help & Player Guides, sorry
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Re: Provocation Training Trinsic Spot

Post by Alamiester »

nice! thanks for the tip. i hit a wall at 89.3. ill havto try that spot. thanks :D
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Re: Provocation Training Trinsic Spot

Post by Deorum »

Using the boat was a great idea. I managed to lure some mobs there in Fel Trinsic and provoke one of the red/gray NPCs on to a monster across the river in that spot. Took a while, but got to 120 faster than my luck with hiryus.
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